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The Linden Method

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Brian Tracy



Can 5-HTP really help in weight loss.


There is much more to know about this very interesting supplement which has a role in the making of  Serotonin and Melatonin.

Because of this  we can begin to appreciate its  potential for help with SAD. Anxiety,Depression, sleep disorders, Panic Disorder, Blood pressure, migrane, Fibromyalgia,  the Withdrawal from Antidepressant Medication and in the management of drug abuse.




 The inspiration for this website comes from life experience of many people, of stress, anxiety and success;

But most of all to demonstrate the very real link between anxiety and succes s and creativity.


There are a few guiding sayings which are the cornerstones of my simple philosophy.

  • The greatest source of chemical damage to the body is from our thoughts. Chopra
  • There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. Shakespear
  • A man becomes what he thinks about all day long. Emerson
  • We teach people to treat us the way they do.  Anon.
  • When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. Buddha.

These thoughts are developed through the many articles in the 'articles' section of the website -

I wish you well.


There are two very different interpretations of self-consciousness.

Firstly; the term which we most commonly use and hear from others about themselves is the unpleasant feeling of being exposed to judgement of others as if by being on stage. It is an acute feeling of exposure in a poor self image.

The second interpretation of self-consciousness is of being conscious of self with an awareness having examined and understood one's own feelings and inner self.   There are plenty of people out there who will offer glib advice to those who are afflicted with poor self image, not understanding the discomfort and anxiety associated with it. Tackling poor self-image head on requires some understanding of the processes in the mind and body which cause the dreadful feelings.

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A Very Comforting Message from The Linden Method

We'll hold you by the hand and make your anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessions STOP... FAST!

155,000 people cured in over 50 countries.

How anazing will it be to have Your anxiety drift away and feel more in control and confident than ever before.




The pursuit of success starts with an intention, which proceeds, through thought and planning, to action and then that great emotion; the feeling of success. Turning the intention into the actions necessary for the desired outcome and the required motivation to do so, happens within the brain and is managed by hormones and neurotransmitters, without which we could not function. Success is a product of intention mediated by body chemistry; hormones. If this is understood, the process can be enhanced by the power of thought. But, the same chemistry not properly managed can have a destructive effect.

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Don't Let Shyness Ruin All Your Chances In Life

          You are probably reading this because you know that shyness is not a quaint endearing problem of children. It never was in childhood. Was it not excruciatingly embarrassing to hear that said about you as a child when older people drew further attention to you as you blushed and cringed? You will have discovered by now that it is not something you just grow out of. Some need guidance. There are sources of help which are quickly very successful.

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What does self-confidence look like?

We have become so used to smiley faces to use in our messages but there is not a really suitable one for self-confidence. Such a smiley would have to show more than a face, but if I asked you to act self-confident right now you would know exactly what to do. Give a little thought to how a self-confident smiley would look and then....

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A caring fast remedy for panic attacks

          Over a series of essays in my website I have differentiated between the various aspects and manifestations of what is broadly the same underlying condition.Anxiety, anxiety state, panic and panic state; social phobia and social anxiety, and problems of self-confidence all have the same root in faulty judgements deep in the mind. The physical feelings and symptoms are very similar but the limitations on the individual person are very different. Panic is at the extreme end of the scale of these disorders. But a solution may be surprisingly easy with the proper guidance.

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               ON QUALITY

Quality is excellence. It is not necessarily perfection, since nothing produced by humans is perfection, as it can and will always be surpassed. Excellence is in the pursuit of perfection.

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     The hormonal reward for altruism.

 At dinner the other evening the conversation came round to the subject of altruism.  The very strong feeling around the table was that there was no such thing as altruism, primarily because of  the feeling that one cannot be what is understood as altruistic as there is almost always a reward for self-sacrifice. It would require a somewhat distorted view of the world and of people to believe that it is wrong to feel satisfaction from having helped another person. There is a more profound explanation why altruism is as fundamental to life as procreation.

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Preparing for retirement requires a deeper level of planning than you ever imagined.

In recent years, increasingly, patients enquired with apparent concern as to whether I had plans for retirement. We all fear change in such relationships to varying extents, for example in relation to ones doctor, dentist or even hairdresser.

I used to jokingly reply that I thought about retirement daily. The question and the intended compliment reflected the camaraderie and trust in our relationship. Such moments of fulfilment were thankfully many. My comment in reply was made in jest but was accurate in another respect. But, even then I had got it wrong.

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The inspiration for promoting awareness of and techniques for dealing with stress was from personal experience. By the age of 25 I becoming successful employing fifteen people and was planning to expand. I was full of enthusiasm and enjoying my professional life. I could not wait to get up in the morning to go to work. At twenty three I moved to England to an area populated by a large readymade group of friends. I married, that year. Starting a new business required my wife and me to move away from everyone we knew. Surprisingly it was a very lonely experience sitting in our new home with a pile of boxes. We had very little furniture as we had moved from furnished accommodation.

Emigration, marriage, moving home, setting up a new business and the bereavement all happened in one year. Each of these rank in the top list of life's stressors. Coming together may have been the cause of what I called my Creative Illness.

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Sexual difficulties affect up to 40% of men at some stage in their life.

        You are probably reading this because you would find it very difficult to discuss your problem with anyone, even your doctor. Your are not alone. One piece of not very scientific research found that 69% of men whose lives are tormented by premature ejaculation or erectile problems have never sought help. So you have made an important start. The solutions are relatively easy and the outcomes can be fantastic for the vast majority of men. It is not always just men who suffer; a couple is almost always involved.

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 I set out at the top of this page four guiding principles. The Will to Change sets out a way of life based around the power of thought. By accepting that nothing happens in the body that does not come from thought, we can quickly come to understand the power of Intention, visualisation and motivation.

To purchase the book simply click on the book or on the web-link below

Joe Sullivan